Luxury Trips On The Sea‏

The luxury of renting a yacht in Singapore is undeniable. A yacht is the representation of a luxury trip that only wealthy people can afford. Most people rent a yacht for their trip to tropical countries, mostly in Asia. These days, more and more wealthy tourists prefer to explore the exotic beauty of Singapore. This is the reason why, there is always a high demand of beautiful yacht services in Singapore during the past few years. There are abundant services of yacht charter Singapore that offer various holiday packages for honeymoon couples, corporate events and even families. 

It is important to keep in mind that finding beautiful yacht chartering services in Singapore may be easy.

fun yacht trips


For Transportation Services, some people do not pay attention about this facility. As a matter of fact, this is very important. Can you imagine, what if the yacht service does not provide any transportation? What’s more, it is always recommended to ask, what kinds of vehicles that will be used. They should be luxury cars from the most reputable brands, to ensure that every client gets the utmost satisfaction from the home or hotel to the beautiful yachts. Commonly, the vehicles include vans, SUVs, or limousines. Clients only have to choose the one that meets their budgets and preferences. 

Yacht rental

This country accommodates the needs of rich people to enjoy the beauty of the tropical Asia through elegant yacht with the most luxurious amenities. Beware of some websites that do not provide concise contact information like fixed line phone numbers and addresses.

Placing an email address, without the office address and its phone numbers is not enough. Such websites may be fake or scams, so they should be left aside.

Singapore zoo wedding

Popular Places to Take Wedding Videos and Photos in Singapore

If you are looking for beautiful places to take wedding videos and photos of course, Singapore has quite a few places which you can consider and think about going. The sceneries are nice, there are many nice cafes, natures and many more places that you will not imagine.

Lim Chu Kang Road

The endless road there is an amazing place to take photos and videos. It reaches the sun and the roads make a pretty portrait. With blue skies and white clouds, lightings are also perfect when you take photos and videos. Easily one of the nice places to go to.

Lim Chu kang Road Wedding

Before heading down, remember to  check out the weather to make sure it is ideal and good to go.

 Punggol Waterway Park

The latest trend in Singapore. It has a man made water canal that runs through the whole estate, making it a Venice of Singapore. Punggol Waterway Park is also an upcoming housing estate. With not many housing estates up at the moment, it is actually a popular place because of its modern river with a unique tinge close to nature.

Punggol Waterway

As it is outdoors and without any buildings nearby, it has bright skies and clear blue clouds too. Perfect for an outdoor shoot with a river.

If you want to know how to get to punggol waterway, do remember to check out the route and how to get there as it could get quite difficult.

Changi Airport

Singapore’s iconic Airport has not only earned the state a credit in its infrastructure, it is also a popular place that couples like to come and take their wedding shots at. And if you are lucky, sometimes you may be able to grad a couple of cabin crews and pilots to take your pictures or wedding videos!

Singapore Zoological Gardens

One of the best zoos in the world and one of the most popular tourist attraction in Singapore, the Singapore Zoological Gardens offers an exotic feel to your wedding videos and photos. Animals, nature, outdoors all come into one place here as the interesting factors like animals, will certainly give a good add on to your wedding videos and photos, making them very unique!

Wedding Band

This is How You Really Choose Wedding Bands In Singapore‏

The affection, devotion, love and trust between the bride and groom are all symbolized by these wedding bands. When wedding bands are made, most often several semi precious and precious metals are used.

When getting their wedding bands made, gold, platinum, titanium or white gold are some of the metals that are typically preferred by the brides and grooms. However, there is more to choosing wedding bands than just the metal they are made of. That is why, Singaporean brides- and grooms-to-be, should know how to choose wedding bands in Singapore.

Choosing The Perfect Wedding Band
The wedding is an occasion that is cherished by couples who are about to get married and the uniqueness of the event is reflected by their wedding band. In fact, not only the uniqueness of the occasion but also the uniqueness of the person is emphasized by the wedding bands. Usually when selecting their wedding bands, some of the things that couples keep in mind include their choice, design, size, style and taste. At times, as a symbol of togetherness, similar wedding bands are selected by brides and grooms. Other couples want their wedding bands to match their personalities so they go for unique designs.

Wedding Band

The Gem
There are many jewelry designers who specialize in a variety of categories of gemstones such as diamond, emerald, ruby and sapphire that are used to adorn wedding bands. Generally, the most preferred types of wedding bands are the ones with diamonds. For couples who want to go for a more classic style and want to wear unique wedding bands will also find antique, traditional or vintage bands as well.

Final Choice
Unique wedding bands are often quite expensive, but since the wedding is such a special, once in a lifetime occasion, couples usually do not hesitate spending on a one of a kind wedding band.

Choosing The Ultimate Best Style for You‏

What is the best style for you, as a bride? Many times, brides want to wear the most beautiful dress while committing the single most common mistake – choosing the wrong gown. Some brides chose the wrong cutting, some are too tight, some are too loose and sometimes, they just choose the wrong style. All because they don’t know their body shapes and the ones that suits them.

Also, the costs of it may encoourage or discourage one on getting the  favourite style. All these affects. Therefore, renting a wedding gown in Singapore needs to be tactful.

On your big day, everyone has their vision set on you – the bride. Being the bride, you are the centre of attention and the focus. When choosing a gown, it is essential to choose the best gown that perfectly suits you. Below are a few pointers to look out for.

Wedding style

Doors Open
Never settle for one style. Usually brides will have decided a certain cutting of gown that they want. However, it is important to keep your options wide because you never know what will better suit you. Do your research online, with friends, scour forums and find your favourite style. The best advice is to choose the best gown that can enhance your features and hide any down sides that you may have. For examples, if you have a busty bosom and a flat hip, have a gown that focuses your curves with less focus on the lower body.

Matching Gowns

Remember to have your gowns matched with the theme of your wedding. If your theme is garden theme and the gown should be sweet and simple that depicts nature and plants, instead of a heavy rock star inspired gown. The gowns should even match the personality, age and season of the wedding that depicts the bride’s character.

If you are looking at renting, you have to make sure to find matching ones too, because most of the time it may be difficult to match. Renting a bridal gown in Singapore can be tricky, therefore do your homework well!

If you have a summer wedding, then you gown should speak of fresh and cooling message. Add a tinge of sexiness by having it off shoulders and plunging cleavage lines. This is your big day and you would want to have it in your favourite way, but remember the guidelines will help you look your best.

Get Professional Advice
This sounds like a no brainer but it is true. Seek from someone in the industry and ask for their opinion to guide you on getting the right style based on your body shape. Drop by any bridal studio and ask the gown experts down at the store.

Also, try on different gowns and styles so that you know which size and cutting fits you, how you look like in it. Then you will know what are the different kinds of gowns that you look good in, which are the ones that are not suitable and unflattering.

Different Styles At a Glance

The Mermaid Style – Inspired by mermaids, it is similar to that in the sense that the flare starts flaring below the knee area while tight from the above. If you have a tall and slim build, this style best suits you as it brings out the sleekness of the wearer.

The Sheath Style – Suitable for petit build, this style is a tight gown that will hug the bust, body, waist and hips.

The Princess Style – or the A Line, is a versatile cutting that suits most body shapes. This style is flattering to fit the body because of a seam that will show the silhouette of the bride.

The Dropped Style- If you have a curvy body that is an hourglass shape, this design is the best to flaunt your assets.

The Empire Style – For brides with a bigger waistline, this style has a bodice and a high waisted cutting to make the wearer look visually slimmer. 

The above is what is needed for you to search for the best wedding gowns. Remember to keep researching and finding the best you can, for your big day!

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